About Caroline


Caroline Markel-Hammond.. The 2020 Boston Scientific Global Volunteer award winner and the Vera Bradley Inspiring Women 2020 award winner has a history of sales, training and presentation success.

Caroline has spent 30 years as a results-driven Sales and Training Professional promoting billion-dollar brands for Fortune 500 companies; thriving within sales, human resources, training and development.

Professional success led Caroline to craft seminars, webinars, live group coaching, and individual 1:1 sessions, allowing people to achieve their best results both at work and home.

Caroline has helped countless professionals launch their lives into a dynamic and productive personal and professional life. She serves as the Founder and CEO of Safe In Harm’s Way, an online community built by abuse survivors for survivors. As president of Epizon Strategy Solutions, she builds training curriculum for corporations, allowing employers to create safe work environments protecting their biggest asset- their people, profit and reputation.

A worldwide collaboration developed with Caroline,, Neon (an IPG Health Company) and the Out of Home Advertising Association of America producing a team of people willing to tailor solutions for women, men, people in the LGBTQ+ community, people of color and immigrants.

Their year-long efforts during the Covid pandemic produced an innovative tool not seen before. “The Last I’m Sorry” Campaign launched an entire educational platform for people navigating toxicity in relationships. The effort premiered on billboards in Times Square, and then across the nation in 2022.

According to Caroline, this moment was a dream come true. “Ever since I was a little girl, I’d dream of growing up and building something which could change lives and help people. Standing in New York City on Times Square, and looking up at the billboards was a fiercely magical moment. I will never forget all the hard work and team building it took to make dreams come true, and provide safe solutions for people, their children and pets. Now I can bring these same tools to women who are exceeding their wildest dreams at work, but home life keeps them living with sadness, worry, lies, fear and pain.”

As a survivor of domestic violence, plus revival from a death-experience, Caroline uses storytelling to evoke change and has been featured in Forbes, NPR, PBS, Fox News and OAAA, national and regional television, media broadcasts as a thought leader in the domestic violence and overcoming adversity arenas, and international training implementation and curriculum.